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Entering into the new realm of time that no one has ever been in
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Max Planck POSTECH / KOREA Research Initiative,

entering into the new realm of time that no one has ever been in


Max Planck Center for Attosecond Science ( director: Prof. Dong Eon Kim) in Max Planck POSTECH / KOREA Research Initiative has recently succeeded in generating and measuring an isolated attosecond pulse (as shown in attogram below) This opens up the door that leads to the real-time observation of electron-electron correlation dynamics that has never been explored before. Dr. Byung Hoon Kim and Dr. Jungkwen An (both graduates of POSTECH), and Mr. Byung Nam Ahn  have played key roles to achieve this milestone. This observation is the first achievement in Asian Pacific Rim and the 3rd in the world.


Korea now belongs to the most advanced group in ultrafast science, capable to explore natural dynamics in attosecond time domain. Attosecond science aims to measure, control and exploit electrons at their action. This is a newly emerging area in basic science to investigate electron-electron dynamics in real time that man has to understand.  New technologies in this area are expected to boost up the new area of technology, called lightwave electronics.


This attogram actually show the vector potential of a sweeping few-cycle laser field. The obvious observation of a few cycle feature clearly tells an isolated attosecond pulse.


The analysis tells us that the pulse duration is about 500 as at a central photon energy of 90 eV.  For this experiment, the CEP of the

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